Monday, October 29, 2007

Low Carb "Luxurious" Diet

Low Carb "Luxurious" Diet By Wouter Van Dyck

Low carb diet indicates a diet with very low or almost no intake of carbohydrates. Such as cutting down on hi carb foods like bread, rice and pasta and eating more of proteins and fats like fish, meat, cheese, milk etc. A person following a low carb diet plan can actually eat a lot of meat, fish, milk and cheese yet can lose or keep a constant weight. Hence a Low carb diet as sometimes regarded as a luxurious diet. Combined with a little bit of exercise, a low carb diet can result to an excellent way of keeping fit and faster weight loss. Learn how you can eat rich and yet lose weight with adequate exercises with the Kimkins weight loss programs.

Carbohydrates are one of the main sources of energy needed by the body to function. So when that source, the carbohydrate, is cut off, alternate sources of energy are required. That is when the fat comes in. When the energy intake of a body is more than it can dispatch, the excess energy is stored as fat. Since a low carb diet literally shuts down the main source of energy, carbohydrates; that’s when the body goes into Ketosis or the fat burning process. Ironically, the fat actually helps in keeping fit when it is taken in balance with the proteins in a low carb diet. Studies show that even a low carb diet consisting of a large amount of animal fat and protein reduces the markers for heart disease such as blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and more. Thus reducing the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Low carb diets do not work as a weight reduction process in many cases, even then it is reputed to improve cholesterol.

Even though fats have a lot of good say in a low carb diet, too much fat can result to a disaster. The greatest disaster, your body may retain the fat and you will be fat. It is better to have a good balance between fat, protein, and a little bit of carbohydrate. Low carb does not actually mean any carbohydrate at all just reducing it; it’s good for the body to take a little carb once in a while other than not taking any at all. Kimkins low carb diets are not only low carb, but also low fat so you can live healthy and reduce faster.

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