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Nuts and Their Amazing Health Benefits

Nuts and Their Amazing Health Benefits by Cole Carson

It wasn't very long ago that nuts were feared. They were considered a dieting disaster, with far too high a fat and calorie content to be anything but bad for you! Recently though, extensive studies have shown that the opposite is actually the case. - Nuts are incredible for the human body. Recently there have been many health discoveries showing that nuts are a wonderful protein source that are great for everyone, and should be added to our diets.

Nuts are a food that is high in both fat and calories, but that information alone is misleading, and due to our better understanding of fat, we now know that this is not sufficient reason to avoid nuts. Most of the fat content in nuts happens to come from monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which do not contribute to weight gain as much as other fats and are much better for the body. Furthermore, these types of fats have been shown to have the ability to decrease bad LDL cholesterol, making nuts good for the heart. Studies have been done on the relationship between nuts and heart health, and the results show that a regular diet consisting of nuts can actually lower your chances for developing heart-related disease by as much as thirty-five percent.

It's never been a secret that nuts are very high in protein. This is great news, as it means that
nuts are a good source of protein, necessary for the body, but instead of having the negative side-effects on the heart like most sources of whole proteins, nuts are actually beneficial. Because of this, nuts are a staple in vegetarian diets, because they contain the complete proteins that are so difficult to construct by eating plants alone.

Eating nuts can also be a great way to increase your energy throughout the day. Nuts are a great source of antioxidants, which everybody knows are wonderful for helping to retard the aging process. Antioxidants are best known for their ability to fight off free radicals. - Harmful agents that damage the body, lowering energy levels and causing premature aging. Because nuts are such a great source of antioxidants like vitamin E and selenium, they can benefit your body in the fight against premature aging and improve your energy levels.

Research has indicated that while almost all nuts have similar benefits on the body, the ones regarded as the most beneficial are almonds, cashews and peanuts. These studies suggest that 1-2 ounces a day is a good, moderate serving in which the body will receive the greatest benefits. Nuts, while they are healthy, can be an addictive food, and because they do contain a good bit of calories, one must make sure that they keep in check just how many they eat. Fortunately for everyone, nuts are great at satisfying hunger.

Overall, nuts are a powerful food that is packed with surprising and astounding benefits. Their ability to reduce the risk of heart disease while protecting against aging and providing solid energy levels makes them a highly desired health food, as long as a person keeps their intake levels low. They are still loaded with calories, and can contribute to weight gain if high levels are consumed on a regular basis. If you keep your intake down, however, you'll notice remarkable improvements in your health, and you can rest easier at night knowing that you are helping your heart and bettering your chances at escaping cardiovascular disease.

About the Author

Cole Carson is a successful entrepreneur interested in the fields of natural health and wellness! Spiffy, the Himalayan Goji Juice dog is the newest up and coming star! Learn why he loves Goji Health Juice so much!

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Best Cholesterol Lowering Diet

Best Cholesterol Lowering Diet – Advice For The Best Cholesterol Lowering DietBy Jean Helmet

You cannot really talk about a certain cholesterol lowering diet to be the best. It depends very much on the metabolism of the patient but also on the response to certain treatments. For some, a simple diet combined with some daily exercise will do the trick, while for others, besides the daily exercise and the diet, some natural supplement or cholesterol lowering medication should be taken. The American Heart Association recommends a step-wise approach to lowering cholesterol levels.

The Step 1 Diet

The Step 1 Diet is the diet for you if you have high blood cholesterol and never tried other dietary approaches. The basic changes in your diet should look like this:

-the total fat intake should not be more than 30 percent of the total number of calories
-saturated fat intake should be less than 10 percent of calories
-8-10 percent should be the maximum intake of polyunsaturated fat
-The rest of the total fat intake should be made up by monounsaturated fat (like olive and canola oil)
-300 milligrams daily should be the maximum of cholesterol intake, and also the sodium level should be kept at a maximum of 2400 milligrams daily

The Step 2 Diet

If the Step 1 Diet has not shown the wanted improvement in lowering your cholesterol level, or you have heart disease you should try a more aggressive diet like the Step 2 Diet. It has mostly all the dietary conditions as the Step 1 Diet but it is more strict when it comes to the saturated fat and cholesterol intake:

-7 percent of calories should be the maximum saturated fat intake
-Cholesterol intake should be kept under 200 milligrams daily
-Calorie intake should be just enough to maintain a healthy body weight (you can talk to a nutritionist about this certain thing)

Low-Fat Diets

Patients who do not respond to the Step 1 Diet and the Step 2 Diet and do not want to take cholesterol-lowering drugs are recommended to try some very-low-fat diets. Practically, these diets eliminate eating most of the meats, added fats and dairy products and they usually contain about 28 to 26 percent of calories from fat.

Long-term, these diets can be very hard to follow. Because of their high carbohydrate content, these very-low-fat diets could raise blood triglyceride which raises the question if such drastic reductions in fat intake are necessary. Combining dietary approaches with stress reductions and exercise, and the Omish Program is an example of a very-low-fat diet program.

Jean Helmet is a content editor who focuses on a wide array of niche health topics. Her latest website - Natural Cholesterol Supplement focuses on cholesterol as a whole, and in partcular, a natural product our editors personally use with excellent health results known as - Cholest-Natural
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A Low Sodium Appproach To A Low Salt Diet

Shaking The Salt Habit - A Low Sodium Appproach To A Low Salt Diet Submitted By: Betty Ziegler

Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. First things first, though. Remove that salt shaker from your table and replace it with Mrs. Dash seasoning or a blend of your own choosing.

You will soon be amazed at how good your food tastes, now that it isn't clouded by excessive sodium. All foods have their own unique flavor, which is brought out by proper cooking and seasoning, and not covered up by salt. Your taste buds will thank you, (you don't know what you have been missing!) By adding a variety of fresh or dried herbs, the flavors in your favorite foods will wake up and be refreshed.

Supermarkets are much more accommodating these days, aware of the growing demand to offer low and no salt products. The Food and Drug Administration has established that "sodium free" labels on products cannot contain more than 5mg per serving. A "very low sodium" label may contain up to 35mg per serving, and a "low sodium" label can have as much as 140mg per serving, or 50 grams of the food.

By reading the labels, and determining how many servings are in one container, you will have a good understanding of what is acceptable for your own diet. A can of "low sodium" soup may have only 140mg of sodium "per serving", but checking carefully, the label may show that each can holds more than one serving.

As an example, a national brand soup (10.5oz) labeled 25% less sodium, contains 530mg of sodium "per serving", but the can holds 2.5 servings! That’s a whopping 1325mg of sodium per can. Can you imagine how much sodium is in their regular label? Yet, another flavor soup (10.5oz), distributed by the same national brand, labeled "low sodium" contains 90mg of sodium per serving, and the can contains only 1 serving. Such discrepancies are not uncommon. Don't be deceived by "less salt" labeling.

To be really aware of what you are purchasing, read all labels. Compare brands. Each brand will vary from another in it's nutritional content. Most frozen entrees contain a great deal of salt, because salt is a natural preservative, and therefore the shelf life will be extended for the package.

Recently I discovered that Trader Joe's Market offers a no salt marinara sauce that is superb. My family prefers it to the national brand, when we use ready-made sauce.
But how much sodium are you really getting daily? Even your tap water contains sodium.

Where I live each 8oz glass of tap water contains 8mg of sodium. Times that by 8 glasses a day and you have 64mg of sodium just in water alone.

To get a good understanding of the salt content of your favorite foods, invest in a good nutritional book, like Nutrition Almanac, by Lavon J. Dunne and John Kirschmann. (the newest edition will be out in December 2006). Or my own favorite, The No-Salt Cookbook by David Anderson and Thomas Anderson. Along with great recipes, there is a chapter dedicated to sodium content of most foods, listed alphabetically.

Soon, you will just know how to calculate your sodium intake. It will become second nature. You will be able to scan a meal and just know.

If your local markets don't yet carry low sodium foods, ask the store manager if they can look into ordering what you need. Chances are you are not alone in searching for these low salt items.
About the Author:Betty Ziegler is the nutritional advisor for, where she shares many of her low salt recipes. Visit the low sodium section at where you will find free recipe

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Low Fat Cooking

Low Fat Cooking By Dominic Ferrara

No matter what fad diet comes on to the scene it is always good practice to follow low fat cooking recipes in general. You can find a lot of great-tasting meals that are easy to prepare and that are cost-effective. Many of us are so used to low fat cooking that we know some of the recipes by heart.

Since I am one of those fans of the low fat recipes I will share some basic hints and tricks that can lower the amount of fatty foods in your diet. You won’t miss a thing with these low fat cooking tips and you will find your waistline thanking you in a few weeks. These easy tips are affordable and you will be surprised how small details really add up.

Cooking spray is a staple of any low fat cooking regimen. You can find cooking spray in a variety of flavors and they add no fat to your meal project at all. Using these sprays instead of butter and oils will drastically reduce the amount of fat in any meal that you create.

I love to use olive oil flavored cooking spray when grilling chicken. You can create a low fat cooking recipe for chicken Parmesan that you never thought possible. Since Italian tomato sauce is naturally low in fat it makes and ideal element in many of the recipes. Add some pasta and fat-free cheese to the mix and you have a delightful Italian meal that is packed with vitamins and protein.

Fish is another staple of the low fat cooking kitchen. You can make great dishes in no time at all when working with fish. Just grab some foil and put flounder in the center. Spray with butter flavored cooking spray and add your favorite vegetables. Bake the whole concoction in the oven and that’s all there is to it.

Low fat cooking doesn’t just involve fish and chicken. There are plenty of red meats that you can use in your recipes as well. Most of the leaner cuts do tend to be a littler tougher than their fatty counterparts but this can easily be addressed with a good tenderizer.

Remember to add some flavor and spice with great condiments like lemon and honey as well as peppers and seasonings. Your low fat cooking recipes can be very enjoyable. In fact, you may not even realize that you are missing any fatty calories at all.

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Low Fat Dessert as Part of Your New Lifestyle By Arturo Ronzon

Eating a low fat diet can give you so many health benefits. You will enjoy increased energy, weight loss as well as a host of other health benefits. Many people think that eating low fat will mean a loss of taste. It all depends upon you and how much creativity and effort you want to put into your low fat cooking.

Low fat dessert can also be a part of a new and improved way of eating. You can find many recipes for low fat dessert if you are determined to find them. Many low fat dessert recipes can be created from existing recipes using low fat substitute ingredients. There are many delicious foods that can be consumed when you are on a low fat diet.

Low fat dessert will be something you look forward to eagerly when you discover new ways to make old favorites. Once you begin to eat a low fat diet, sticking to it will become easier over time and making a low fat dessert can help you stay the path.

You can find magazines that have so many menu suggestions for low fat meals and low fat dessert. You can also purchase a book, or do your research online concerning low fat dessert. There are so many tasty ways to make low fat living fun and easy.

Any health care professional will tell you that your diet has a lot to do with your health. You should incorporate a low fat diet along with eating real food and exercise. It will also help when you drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day.

Once you begin eating low fat dessert and other foods, you will be surprised at how much more pep and vigor you feel. Exercising will be a pleasure once you feel energetic. You will eliminate the heavy foods that were keeping you feeling tired and sluggish all the time. This is especially true for people who eat plenty of fast foods. This kind of high fat diet can surely end your life sooner than it should.

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Low Fat Diet - Links Page

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Low Carb "Luxurious" Diet

Low Carb "Luxurious" Diet By Wouter Van Dyck

Low carb diet indicates a diet with very low or almost no intake of carbohydrates. Such as cutting down on hi carb foods like bread, rice and pasta and eating more of proteins and fats like fish, meat, cheese, milk etc. A person following a low carb diet plan can actually eat a lot of meat, fish, milk and cheese yet can lose or keep a constant weight. Hence a Low carb diet as sometimes regarded as a luxurious diet. Combined with a little bit of exercise, a low carb diet can result to an excellent way of keeping fit and faster weight loss. Learn how you can eat rich and yet lose weight with adequate exercises with the Kimkins weight loss programs.

Carbohydrates are one of the main sources of energy needed by the body to function. So when that source, the carbohydrate, is cut off, alternate sources of energy are required. That is when the fat comes in. When the energy intake of a body is more than it can dispatch, the excess energy is stored as fat. Since a low carb diet literally shuts down the main source of energy, carbohydrates; that’s when the body goes into Ketosis or the fat burning process. Ironically, the fat actually helps in keeping fit when it is taken in balance with the proteins in a low carb diet. Studies show that even a low carb diet consisting of a large amount of animal fat and protein reduces the markers for heart disease such as blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and more. Thus reducing the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Low carb diets do not work as a weight reduction process in many cases, even then it is reputed to improve cholesterol.

Even though fats have a lot of good say in a low carb diet, too much fat can result to a disaster. The greatest disaster, your body may retain the fat and you will be fat. It is better to have a good balance between fat, protein, and a little bit of carbohydrate. Low carb does not actually mean any carbohydrate at all just reducing it; it’s good for the body to take a little carb once in a while other than not taking any at all. Kimkins low carb diets are not only low carb, but also low fat so you can live healthy and reduce faster.

Wouter Van Dyck wrote many articles about different weight loss plans. He has experienced dozens of programs himself over the years but finally found a solution. You can read more about him losing weight and more reviews of kimkins plan on the kimkins review website:

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Finding A Basic Diet That Works For You

Finding A Basic Diet That Works For You
By Max Adams

There are many different kinds of diets, each with a specific goal. When considering a basic diet for weight loss, you will find that there are a variety of theories about what you should and should not eat. Generally, diets fall into four basic categories: low fat, low carbohydrate, high protein and vegetarian. There are other diets, of course, but these four are the most popular among people who are dieting to lose weight.

Low fat diets involve reducing fat intake to reduce calories. There are more than twice as many calories per gram in fat than there are in carbohydrates or protein, so a low fat diet is an easy way to cut calories and reduce weight. Also, since high fat diets are linked to many diseases, a low fat diet has value beyond weight loss.

In recent years, people who have had little or no success losing weight on low fat diets have turned to low carbohydrate and high protein versions of a basic diet. Low carbohydrate diets are based on the idea that eating an excess amount of carbohydrate-rich foods (particularly refined carbohydrates and baked goods) is a major cause of obesity. One of the basic ideas here is to eliminate the blood sugar swings caused by carbohydrates. This, in turn, will reduce hunger. Closely related to low carbohydrate diets are high protein diets. When people reduce their intake of carbohydrates, they tend to increase their intake of proteins. High protein diets are especially popular among athletes because protein intake is associated with building muscle mass.

Finally, vegetarian diets are popular among people who want to learn weight. As a basic diet, a vegetarian diet tends to be lower in fat, higher in healthy complex carbohydrates and packed with nutrient-rich foods. Studies show that, as a group, vegetarians tend to weight less than non-vegetarians, so emphasizing vegetarian meals as a basic diet plan may make losing weight easier.

Max Adams is the publisher of - An ever growing collection of articles, tips, hints and ideas from all over the World. Here you can find facts on hundreds of subjects including sports, entertainment, technology and relationships

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The Best Diet For Men

Most men hate going on any type of diet, since it means having to watch what they eat, how they eat, and when they eat. However, to lose weight many men will choose one diet over another often based on the latest diet market craze or current diet trend.

Low Carbs or Low Fat Diet?

Low carb and low fat diets have been fighting it out for some time but which one is better when it comes to permanent weight loss in men of all ages is the latest dieting myths.

Studies show that the low carb diet is the best diet for men even though they’ll be eating more calories and fat than if they were on a low fat or low calorie diet. In fact, some studies claim that some 70% of men do better on a low carb diet than on any other type of diet.

Some types of low carb diets include the South Beach Diet and the Atkins diet. The reason for this success with the low carb diet for men is that they are seldom hungry on this type of diet. When men are on a low fat diet they are often left feeling hungry and dissatisfied at the end of the day.

The one thing that men need to worry about when they choose a low carb diet is the amount of fat that they consume in one day. For men that are watching their heart and blood pressure, a low carb diet can lead to complications that can negatively affect their health.

The low fat diet is a diet that often has slower results than other diets, but is also one that has more permanent results. However, a low fat diet is often difficult for men to maintain since it often leaves them feeling hungry at the end of the day. This can lead to cheating on the diet as men wake hungry and go to bed hungry.

The low fat diet is the best diet for men who are watching their heart health and blood pressure since they’ll be eating fat that is healthy and not harmful to them.

So Which Diet is the Best For Men?

The best diet for men is answered quite simply: the one that leads to healthier weight loss! Ultimately, men may need to experiment with both types of diets to see what words best for them; and what fits in with their lifestyle. Regardless of the type of diet that is chosen, ensure that healthy eating and regular exercise are any best diet for men program.

With patience and determination men can eat right, exercise, and lose their excess weight permanently, and work towards better health; not worse. That’s the real “best diet for men” goal after all, isn’t it?

Jim Shaw authors numerous articles dedicated to advancing the understanding of men's health and male sexual performance issues facing men everyday and is considered a leading authority on the issues of male nutrition.

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How To Lower Your Cholesterol Level Naturally

How To Lower Your Cholesterol Level Naturally by Olwen Anderson Adv Dip Hlth Sc (Nat) Dip Hlth Sc (Nut) ATMS

Cholesterol is an essential part of our metabolism - it helps make hormones, for example. But too much in your bloodstream can be a problem, especially if it's being left behind on the walls of your arteries. There are several simple techniques you can use to keep your cholesterol levels in a safe range, or to help reduce them if they're too high.

Have you recently been diagnosed with high cholesterol? If you'd like to manage it yourself, through diet and lifestyle, read on.

Cholesterol in food is only available from animal products. Prawns, eggs and offal like liver and kidneys contain high amounts. How your body manages that cholesterol once you've eaten it depends on the type of food you ate, the amount of physical activity you do, your genes, and your stress level.

Here's what you need to know about different sorts of blood cholesterol: Lipoproteins are just carriers for lipids (fat). The important ones to know about are LDLs (low density lipoproteins) and HDLs (high density lipoproteins)

LDLs carry cholesterol away from the liver, through the bloodstream, in search of cells to store it in. If there is too much LDL in the blood, these lipoproteins will deposit the fats on the walls of your arteries. This is why they're called 'bad' cholesterol.

The job of HDLs, on the other hand, is to carry cholesterol from storage back to the liver so it can be removed from the body via the bile. This is why HDLs are known as 'good' cholesterol.

Why Exercise Is So Good For Lowering Cholesterol

Physical exercise increases the amount of HDLs in your bloodstream. So while you're enjoying that game of tennis or walking through the bush, the HDLs in your bloodstream are increasing in number, busy collecting fats from cells and returning them to the liver for disposal.

Why a Higher Level Of Soluble Fibre In Your Diet Is So Important

A high level of soluble fibre in your food slows down the absorption of fat, because soluble fibre 'soaks up' the fat and carries it out of your body. Here's a quick test to see how your body's handling your fat intake: Faeces which float have a high amount of fat in them, carried out of the body. Faeces which sink have little fat in them - either there was little fat in the meal, or your body has absorbed a lot of the fat in the food already.

There are high levels of soluble fibre in oats and fruit, especially apples and pears. Psyllium husks are also a source of fibre, but its always better to obtain your fibre from food rather than supplements if you can.

A cornerstone for managing your cholesterol is to include one of these in your diet every day: - 100-150g legumes (dry weight) or - 57-140g oatmeal or - 10-30g Psyllium husks or - 2-3 apples For a more detailed diet plan, visit my web site

Too Much Stress Will Get In Your Way

Stress upsets all functions of the body, so a high stress level will mean you're more likely to develop high levels of blood cholesterol. Another good reason to look for stress lowering activities!

The Plan In A Nutshell

If you want to reduce the amount of cholesterol in your bloodstream - reduce the amount of cholesterol you eat, - keep saturated fat intake within reasonable limits, - increase your intake of essential fatty acids (omega 3 oils), - increase your soluble fibre intake, - stay active, - and manage your stress well.

..And By The Way...
Remember that obtaining professional advice from your local naturopath can be a smart move, as they are trained to help you identify which areas of your diet & lifestyle need particular attention, speed up the process of reducing your cholesterol levels, and keep you on track.

Natural remedies are also available if you need the extra help to reach your target.

It feels good to regain control over your health, doesnt it?

About the Author
Olwen Anderson is a naturopath based on the north coast of NSW. More information on natural health can be found at

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Low Fat Diets

Low Fat Diets By Eddie Tobey

The very goal of a low fat diet is to reduce the amount of calories that are consumed through fat. For a regular healthy diet, it is recommended that of the total calories eaten in a day, no more than 30% should come from fat. However, certain diseases and medical conditions make it difficult for the body to tolerate even that normal amount of fat, so a low-fat diet can help people with these conditions.

A diet having too much saturated fat results in high blood cholesterol. High blood cholesterol leads to obesity of the body. Low fat diet includes more fiber in your diet. Soluble fiber is a type of fiber that decreases blood cholesterol, resulting in weight loss.

Oatmeal is a good source of soluble fiber that can be consumed regularly to reduce the blood cholesterol.

Low fat diets can be followed by removing fat from meat before cooking and by avoiding frying. Instead, you can bake, roast, or boil the food. Avoiding fried foods and eating steamed vegetable would keep the fat intake under control. Using low or nonfat butter instead of regular butter and margarine on foods would also help us reduce the fat intake. Substituting whole grain products like brown rice, barley, and whole wheat for high fat food is also a good idea.

The human body needs certain types of fat to function. With too little fat in the diet, the body may not properly absorb fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K, which are essential for the health of the eyes, skin, immune systems, bones, and teeth. Fats are very essential for the functioning of the body's cell membrane.

Low fat diets help us to plan our body fitness by lowering the fat in our diet. It also enables us to maintain or reduce weight, reduces the risk of diseases such as heart diseases, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer, and diabetes.

Diets provides detailed information on Diet, Diet Pills, Diet Programs, Diet Plans and more. Diets is affiliated with Herbal Diet Products.

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Top Ten Weight Loss Tips

Top Ten Weight Loss Tips by Barry Hughes

There are thousands of diet books published each year on weight loss. You see the late night television infomercials with their pills, equipment and programs. They all promise fast and sometimes incredible weight loss results. The truth is that you can lose weight on any diet, well at least for awhile. The problem is in keeping the weight off. I have come up with my top 10 weight loss tips that if followed will result not only in weight loss but permanent weight loss.

1> Make a list of the reasons why you want to lose weight
There is a saying "If you don't know where your going then any road will take you there". A goals list helps you focus on your reasons to do it along with what weight you want to be at in the end. Review this list daily to always keep it fresh in your mind of exactly why you are doing it.

2> Cut your calorie intake by at least 500 calories per day
Here is the hidden secret: 3500 calories equals 1 pound. To lose one pound of fat per week your body needs to burn 500 more calories per day then it consumes. If you cut your caloric intake by 250 calories and burn 250 calories exercising per day then you could easily lose weight with these two techniques alone. Cutting just 500 calories a day would result in a 52 lb weight loss in one year.

3> Get at least 7-8 hours sleep each night
Some amazing things happen when you sleep. Your body goes into repair mode and recharges itself. Muscles don't grow when your working out. They grow when you sleep to repair the damage down to the muscle during the workout. I also believe that this is when the miracle of weight loss has it's greatest advantage so don't neglect it.

4> Take a multi vitamin daily
Multi vitamin supplements are needed to help boost your general health. When you gained weight, you were probably not eating the best foods available. It is my opinion that a multi vitamin will help aide your body in processing food better and in muscle development.

5> Limit Sodas to diet and drink more water
This was a very hard one for me but if you can switch to diet or preferably water you can cut an additional 100 or more calories per bottle. For example: If you drank 5 bottles of soda every day and at as usual that would amount to a 3500 calorie deficit per week resulting in a 1 pound weight loss in and all by itself. That would add up to a 52 pound weight loss in one year just by getting rid of the soda pop.

6> Increase natural food intake, reduce processed foods
Natural foods such as vegetables and fruits are for the most part already low calorie choices. Processed foods add tons of sugar and other ingredients that you can't even pronounce. Do your body a favor a stay away from processed foods as much as possible. Processed foods are high calorie, non-nutrient foods for the most part.

7> Exercise at least 3-4 times per week
Depending on several factors such as weight, age, type of exercise and frequency; you can burn several hundred calories in just 30 minutes while at the same time building muscle. Muscle burns more calories thus it's a win - win situation. The more muscle you build the more calories you will burn. Exercising also helps increase your metabolism which is a calorie eater.

8> Keep A Food Diary, Journal Or Blog
Keeping track of what you eat, why you eat and what's going on with your body is important in weight loss success. First, it keeps you focused on your goal. Second, if you stop losing weight then you can review your journal to see if there is something that you are eating or exercise that you are not doing.

9> Find A Weight Loss Partner
Finding another person to help each of you lose weight. It can help greatly in weight loss by keeping you focused on your goals and making you accountable for your weight loss. When things make not be going the way you want they can be a great person for inspiration, advice and a sounding board.

10> Create A Plan And Stick With It
Layout exactly how and what you will eat. There are thousands of diet plans on the market. Everything from "The South Beach Diet, The Zone, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Nutra System, Jenny Craig" etc. The list is endless. Which ever plan you choose - stick with it and plan an end date to achieve your goal. Doctors suggest not to lose more than 2 pounds per week so for example; if you have 50 pounds to lose then your goal would be to reach your weight loss no sooner than 25 weeks from the day you start. It is however very important to have some date in mind to give you something to strive for.

Reward yourself as you lose the weight. Give yourself little gifts along your weight loss journey to reward your efforts. Check out my blog at and I'll see you lighter, later.

About the Author
Barry Hughes is working on losing Weight and has found these ten tips to successful in weight loss.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

5 Simple Steps for Weight Loss

5 Simple Steps for Weight Loss by Joe McConnell

As human being, we all want to look good and healthy. Nobody wants to be overweight and ugly. Getting weight loss is not as hard as you think. You can lose weight with 5 simple natural steps, without any drug or prescription.

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are a must because they contain with fiber and essential nutrients. Moreover, they are very low in calories. You can eat it whenever you are hungry without having to worry on counting calories.

2. Never skip meals
Do not let yourself hungry. This will lower the balance of the blood sugar in the body and make you feel so bad. Taking at least three meals a day is all right.

3. Dump the junk food
Junk food or fast food must be avoided. The salt, fat, preservative and chemical they contain will harm your body. Lots of fast food has high calories and transfats which make you fat.

4. Drink more water
Soft drinks like coke, Pepsi or coffee, tea have high sugar. If you want to lose weight, you have to drink it less and drink more water instead.

5 Exercises
It helps you burn calories. It gives you more energy. Exercise 30 minutes a day/3 day a week would be fine.

Please bear in mind that the best way to lose weight is by a natural way not diet pill or drug.
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How Body Builders Are Maintaining Such A Low Fat Factor

Many have the feeling that they need to be completely on the high fat diet if they want build their body. It is totally a wrong assumption. The body builders can manage on low fat high protein diet. After all body building means building the body not the fat.

High fat diet may help to put on weight fast but your health is at peril. In order to maintain your health it is better to be on the low fat [high protein] diet. Obesity is the result of diets that are high in fat. High fat diet not only causes obesity but also leads to certain type of cancers.

The low fat diets offer numerous benefits to the body. Low fat diets help to reduce the body fat there by preventing the possibility of heart failure.

Low fat does not necessarily mean completely foregoing your favorite food. There are many low fat diets that taste like the high fat food at the same time they are not harmful to your body like fatty diet.

Low fat diet means diet that is rich in carbohydrates. These carbohydrates can be got from pasta, bread etc. It is better to avoid animal fat, which is highly harmful to the body.
We can eat low fat dairy products without any doubt in your mind. The red meat must be avoided in total. Fruits and vegetables are the best and you can consume them as much as possible.

Low fat diet tries to balance the nutritional requirement and does not cause the deprivation of the same. Low fat diet will keep you energy filled. You will be fitter and energized to follow your daily exercise without any difficulty.

You as a body builder need to build only muscle not the fat as mentioned above. For this low fat diet is the best. Low fat high protein diet is the diet needed to build the body not the high fat diet.

Low fat diet [heart smart diet] lowers yours cholesterol level there by preventing many heart diseases. The high fat diet will only provide energy. But the low fat high protein diet will help in the formation of cells. The main component of the cell is protein.

The groups of cells form tissue and muscle. I think this will emphasize the importance of protein in the diet. Our immune system depends on high protein low fat diet. Once the immune system is disturbed, the floodgates to the diseases will wide open. . Then there is no way that you can build your body.

More information about the topic can be found on the site glaceau vitamin water or prosource supplements. If you have an interesting article about body building,diets,supplements,vitamins or nutrition you should send it to our Email address and you will get in return a link on the page your article will be published.We only accept original articles not published anywere else!
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Low Fat Diet - Reviews

Low Fat Diet and Related Product Reviews
I wrote fat loss 4 idiots review few weeks before. Now I decided instead of providing product review for one product, it would be better if I furnish details of some best selling products.
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Low Fat Diet

How to cut down excess fat in the body?

The answer is using Low Fat Diet.!

Nowadays it has become a fantacy to say I have lost 20 pounds or 30 pounds. Do you think that this makes sense? If one says I lost 20 pounds, then we have to raise a question as what have you lost. One should lose the unwanted or excess fat and not energy, bone weight and muscleweight.

Proper diet and some physical activity are the lights of "Good Shape".

Few Low Fat diets that help to cut down excess fat in our body.

Olive Oil
Start using Olive oil for cooking, because we need Omega-9 which is rich in olive oil. It has antioxidants which is important for healthy body. So avoid using butter, ghee or cheese and start using olive oil instead.

Take almonds and nuts instead of fried chips or potatoes for snacks. Almonds and nuts have Vitamin E which is essential for healthy body. It helps in anti-aging also.

Food Quantity
Always have small portions of food. If it is not enough, try to take food five or six-times in small quanties. This will help to low down the calories and burn the calories.

Red Wine
Red Wine is a good source of anti-oxidant and increases good cholesterol level. It can be taken moderately for good health.

Whole Grains
Wheat, Cereals, Pasta and Oats are good sources of whole grain. Include this in your diet daily. Whole grain is full of fibre which will help to keep the sugar level moderate.

Fish is a good source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Omega 3 fatty acids helps to increase good cholesterol level and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are abundant sources of Vitamins and Nutrients. Fruits and Vegetables fights against Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Diseases and immune disorders.

Dairy Products
Dairy products contains essential vitamins which is needed for a healthy body. Include in your diet low fat dairy products like Milk and Yogurt.

Now we are nearing the path of good health but not yet completed.

Physical Activity
Diet is not completed without physical activity. There is a close relationship between physical activity and food.

The following is Low Fat Diet Mantra !

"If the intake of calories in food is greater than calories used then we will gain weight."

"If the intake of calories in food is lesser than calories used then we will lose weight."

"If calories in food equals the calories used then our weight is under control."

Way to Good Shape

Take the above low fat diet foods plus a daily practice of doing some simple exercise like walking or jogging for 15 minutes. This should lead your way to Good Shape.

Low Fat Diet

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Low Fat Diet

Product Review - Idiot Proof Diet Package

Idiot proof dieting provides rules for dieting and helps in accelerated fat loss. In this system everything is computed for you. There is no need for calorie counting or label reading. That's why they call it as idiot proof!

How the system works?
This system is based on two things. One is using food as a diet and other is working with your eating patterns.

According to idiot proof dieting the primary reason anyone is overweight is because of eating the wrong foods. Eating the wrong types of calories per meal and eating meals in the wrong patterns each day. The system works on your food eating and your food eating patterns that can make you slim.

Calorie Shifting
One of the techniques used in this system is Calorie Shifting. With calorie shifting they suggest that you will be taking different types of calories each day, which would force fat loss to happen.

They have created an online diet generator that automatically computes everything for you in just seconds, and it gives you the right daily menu each day so that you don't have to calculate anything while shifting your calories.

When you use On-Line Diet Generator, it will create an 11-Day Menu, which is different from what you've ever seen, and it will cause your body to release the correct amount of fat burning hormones after each meal.

The idiot proof diet package provides

On-line Diet Generator
Downloadable Diet Handbook
Once you become a Diet Member you can access their resources online. The idiot proof diet package is now available for a discounted rate.

You can click Idiot Proof Diet Package for more information.

Low Fat Diet

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Low Fat Diet

Low Fat Diet

Low fat diet will help us look Slimmer and Healthier. Healthy body needs Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins and Fat.

Low Fat Diet will help decrease the risk of heart diseases, diabetes and some types of cancer. It is necessary to lose unwanted excess fat. For this a Low Fat Diet would certainly help.

Fat level differs from person to person. Women need four times of fat in excess than men. As long as we keep the fat level in average we are on the safer side. Nowadays there are various ways to burn fat from our body. The predominant way to burn fat is to “Cut Down Calories Through Diet”.

Most of us will think that skipping breakfast or lunch will help to lose fat. But for proper functioning of our metabolism we should have our diet in time with vitamins and nutrients. This will make us healthy and will help to burn fat.


Fat is necessary for our body metabolism (proper functioning of our immune system and body hormones).

Body fat is of two types

1) Essential Fat
2) Storage Fat

If our body exceeds the average fat level then it risks our health. However, lower fat levels will also impair the health. Usually some amount of fat will be stored in our body that can be used in the time of need.

Essential Fat

Essential Fat is needed by our body’s hormone for proper functioning of our immune system. Essential fat will be stored in the heart, liver, lungs, bone marrow, kidney and other organs of the body. Essential fat is important for proper functioning of nevous system also.

Storage Fat

Storage Fat is used by our body in the time of need.

How to loose fat using Low Fat Diet?
You can try any or all of the following low fat diet ways.

Vitamin C’s Role in Low Fat Diet.

To lower the intake of fat, we have to take vitamin C, Starchy and fiber food.
Vitamin C will help to burn fat. Take Citrus fruits, lemon, oranges and Grapefruit.
Some other foods that burn fat are Cabbage, Carrot, Broccoli, Watermelon, Apple, and Blueberries.

Low Fat Diet - Salads

While making salads use yogurt, lemon juice, tomato juice, spices, mint or coriander for dressing. Do not use Salad cream, which is high in fat. You can make salads using green leaves, lemon juice, tomato, vinegar, pepper, some mustard seeds, nuts such as almonds or walnuts, pumpkin seeds, dates and so on. This will contain only good fat needed for our body.

Low Fat Diet - Soup

You can take any kind of vegetable soup, which will supply the essential fat to our body. Do not boil the vegetables for longer time; this will destroy the nutrients in the food.

Low Fat Diet - Milk

Use only skimmed milk.

Low Fat Diet - Fish

We get Omega 2 and Omega 6 fat from fish, which is an essential fat. Try taking Salmon and Tuna.

Low Fat Diet.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Low Fat Diet

Welcome to my low fat diet blog. Here you will learn about low fat diet and how low fat diet can help you to lead a healthy happy life.

All the best.