Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Low Fat Cooking

Low Fat Cooking By Dominic Ferrara

No matter what fad diet comes on to the scene it is always good practice to follow low fat cooking recipes in general. You can find a lot of great-tasting meals that are easy to prepare and that are cost-effective. Many of us are so used to low fat cooking that we know some of the recipes by heart.

Since I am one of those fans of the low fat recipes I will share some basic hints and tricks that can lower the amount of fatty foods in your diet. You won’t miss a thing with these low fat cooking tips and you will find your waistline thanking you in a few weeks. These easy tips are affordable and you will be surprised how small details really add up.

Cooking spray is a staple of any low fat cooking regimen. You can find cooking spray in a variety of flavors and they add no fat to your meal project at all. Using these sprays instead of butter and oils will drastically reduce the amount of fat in any meal that you create.

I love to use olive oil flavored cooking spray when grilling chicken. You can create a low fat cooking recipe for chicken Parmesan that you never thought possible. Since Italian tomato sauce is naturally low in fat it makes and ideal element in many of the recipes. Add some pasta and fat-free cheese to the mix and you have a delightful Italian meal that is packed with vitamins and protein.

Fish is another staple of the low fat cooking kitchen. You can make great dishes in no time at all when working with fish. Just grab some foil and put flounder in the center. Spray with butter flavored cooking spray and add your favorite vegetables. Bake the whole concoction in the oven and that’s all there is to it.

Low fat cooking doesn’t just involve fish and chicken. There are plenty of red meats that you can use in your recipes as well. Most of the leaner cuts do tend to be a littler tougher than their fatty counterparts but this can easily be addressed with a good tenderizer.

Remember to add some flavor and spice with great condiments like lemon and honey as well as peppers and seasonings. Your low fat cooking recipes can be very enjoyable. In fact, you may not even realize that you are missing any fatty calories at all.

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