Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Low Fat Diet

How to cut down excess fat in the body?

The answer is using Low Fat Diet.!

Nowadays it has become a fantacy to say I have lost 20 pounds or 30 pounds. Do you think that this makes sense? If one says I lost 20 pounds, then we have to raise a question as what have you lost. One should lose the unwanted or excess fat and not energy, bone weight and muscleweight.

Proper diet and some physical activity are the lights of "Good Shape".

Few Low Fat diets that help to cut down excess fat in our body.

Olive Oil
Start using Olive oil for cooking, because we need Omega-9 which is rich in olive oil. It has antioxidants which is important for healthy body. So avoid using butter, ghee or cheese and start using olive oil instead.

Take almonds and nuts instead of fried chips or potatoes for snacks. Almonds and nuts have Vitamin E which is essential for healthy body. It helps in anti-aging also.

Food Quantity
Always have small portions of food. If it is not enough, try to take food five or six-times in small quanties. This will help to low down the calories and burn the calories.

Red Wine
Red Wine is a good source of anti-oxidant and increases good cholesterol level. It can be taken moderately for good health.

Whole Grains
Wheat, Cereals, Pasta and Oats are good sources of whole grain. Include this in your diet daily. Whole grain is full of fibre which will help to keep the sugar level moderate.

Fish is a good source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Omega 3 fatty acids helps to increase good cholesterol level and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are abundant sources of Vitamins and Nutrients. Fruits and Vegetables fights against Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Diseases and immune disorders.

Dairy Products
Dairy products contains essential vitamins which is needed for a healthy body. Include in your diet low fat dairy products like Milk and Yogurt.

Now we are nearing the path of good health but not yet completed.

Physical Activity
Diet is not completed without physical activity. There is a close relationship between physical activity and food.

The following is Low Fat Diet Mantra !

"If the intake of calories in food is greater than calories used then we will gain weight."

"If the intake of calories in food is lesser than calories used then we will lose weight."

"If calories in food equals the calories used then our weight is under control."

Way to Good Shape

Take the above low fat diet foods plus a daily practice of doing some simple exercise like walking or jogging for 15 minutes. This should lead your way to Good Shape.

Low Fat Diet

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